Prince of Persia

Broderbund Software

Release Year: 1990

Genre: Arcade

 Views: 2210 / Ratings: 96%


Fantastic arcade game in which the player is in control of persian prince. Your main task is to escape the evil vizier dungeons and save the abducted princess. Great fun!

author: shx

Tips & Tricks (author: shx)

Run the game with the 'megahit' attribute (enter the game folder and type: prince megahit). After that, additional options are enabled. Press the corresponding button to activate them: [Shift]+L - Jumps to the next level [Shift]+T - Give you an extra life [Shift]+S - Heal a life [Shift]+W - 'Flying' mode (jump down on long distances and don't die) [Shift]+B - Block out non-animated objects [Shift]+I - Invert the screen K - Kill enemies on the screen R - Resurrect you where you last died + - Increase time limit - - Decrease time limit N - Shows the screen below the current one U - Shows the screen above the current one H - Shows the screen to the left of current one J - Shows the screen to the right of current one C - Show coordinates [Shift]+C - Show more coordinates

zolaris (2013-11-21 08:03:10)

is the best game ever. anytime i can play it and never got bored its an amazing game full of adventure and danger.

Anonymous (2017-05-09 22:12:15)

with cheats it can be beated. good game on nes too and so on

Anonymous (2017-06-27 10:09:19)

I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enlgtalrinh!

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